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Monday, January 19, 2009

i guess i suck at this blog thing

so its been another long ass time since i've posted. lets get caught up. since then:
i kicked out my deadbeat dirty hippie roommate for not paying rent or bills and letting her cats that she wasn't supposed to have in the apartment in the first place tear up my couches and piss on EVERYTHING
i moved into a badass studio..... but my landlord was crazy so i left
i moved into a 6 bedroom house with some turmoil but lets hope that's done now
i'm planning a trip to chicago next month
i am no longer working at any restaurant but instead i'm the office manager of an awesome tattoo and piercing shop with a great tattooer and the only person i would ever let poke holes in my body again.
i have gotten one new tattoo. we were bored, its cheesy flash style heart with my sister's name in it.
i have been involved in my first court case (and won!)
i have become a better cook and addicted to the tv show "good eats" with alton brown
i have fallen in love with michael c. hall (dexter, omg hes delicious) and i am waiting for the day he comes into the shop looking to get something tattooed or pierced and realizes that i am the girl of his dreams (even though he has a hot girlfriend)
i have met some awesome people and grown more comfortable in myself
my car died and so i had a bike. note "had" it got stolen out of my pals yard so i no longer have any mode of transportation other than my chevrolegs.
um i think thats it. i have some sewing in the works and hopefully i will actually start posting again!

Friday, May 2, 2008


has it really been that long since i've posted? not that anyone reads this crap but still! i need to get better about this, if only for myself!
so i haven't been crafting too much lately, unless you include cooking. i've been cooking up a storm. in fact, i'm blogging while my first loaf of not-bread-machine-bread is in the oven rising. jo (the roomie) and i have been cooking for our pals once a week. last night was our first "truly" home made meal (usually at least one element of the meal is store bought, tortillas, pasta, things that are hard to make), i made pasta and pasta sauce (though the pasta didn't turn out well, imo) and jo made bread in the bread machine. damn, does that girl make good bread. for desert i made pudding cake, which was so good we all had seconds! what else have i been cooking, you ask? well, last week it was skewers at the beach with a few of our pals, and boy were they good! nothing better than spending the day at the beach and then bbqing and hanging out around a bonfire! the week before that was my lasagna style enchiladas and blueberries and biscuits for dessert. ____ berries and biscuits had become a favorite dessert around here as we can use whatever berries we find at the local organic grocer or farmers' markets. i have been making my own pasta sauce a lot lately, we usually have some sort of pasta dishes (one to make again: spinach, mushroom, chicken and ricotta stuffed shells!) and i make pizza crusts so we can use up the extra sauce. the pizzas are great for using up extra everything and they're nice to have waiting for those times we get hungry but don't want to wait or cook much.
well, there goes the timer on the bread, ready for more kneading! i promise to blog more (who am i promising? myself!) and craft more soon.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

happy anniversary

well there folks, today marks my two year anniversary with santa cruz. yup, two years! and i'm still in love. don't you love it when that happens? so far very few quarrels and no big fights, we are getting along just fine. i really don't think i will ever leave if i can help it. so, since i didn't blog about it last year here is a recap of my past two years in this lovely, lovely town.

year one (jan 10th 2006-jan 10th 2007):
jonathon and i moved up here to our little apt. in felton, leaving most of our things in capistrano beach until near the end of jan. it stormed pretty bad and we went without power a few times. i worked at erik's as a supervisor and then got a job at rosie mccann's as a hostess in may. jon transfered to peet's up here and worked as a shift lead. i quit erik's and moved up to busser at rosie's. we were broke most of the year and the year itself was pretty uneventful. only a few trips to orange county to visit family. i turned 22 and we went to vegas for a few days but other than that nothing exciting happened.

year two (jan 10th 2007-jan 10th 2008):
jan 10th i got my first tattoo to celebrate one year here. since then a lot has happened. i got moved up to server at rosie's, and jon became assistant manager at peet's. we started saving up and decided to get married and buy a house in new mexico so that we could think about starting a family and be near his mom and dad who sold their house this year and were planning to move back to new mexico themselves. my older sister, alicia, got married to her wonderful man, matt, and now i have a niece on the way (due feb or march!)! jon and i went with his family to new york, holland and belgium. shortly after returning jon and i broke up at the end of july. i turned 23 on july 8th. jon's mom's cancer came back and sadly we lost her on sept. 10th. jon moved out on halloween. i got super sick and ended up in the hospital for a day but i'm all better now. i got my blog. i lost 30 lbs (now none of my clothes fit!)! i made some really good pals, gavin, tiff and sal(bert). i've embraced being single and am big pimping. haha, not really. i reconnected with an old best friend and i feel like the past years of us not seeing each other never happened. my new roomie moved in on jan 1st, her name is jojo and she rocks, she has 2 cats so now we are the crazy cat women, and she cuts hair too! i met a cute guy and we are in the early stages of dating, but it looks like this one might actually go somewhere. the best part is that he is from san clemente! i cut bangs (again) but shorter and i think i might like them. um, i adopted phinneaus seamus goldberg-o'mally (aka phinneaus j. wickwackle) and he is the sweetest, most ass-holeish cat ever. this year has been the most up and down of any other year in my life. i have been the saddest i have ever been and the happiest i have ever been in this year alone. the worst and best things have happened in the last 365 days. my life has changed so much and so have i. with the help of my pals i have learned to be more comfortable with myself and i am happier than i ever have been with who i have become.

2008 has been promising so far. i think that this year will be better than the last and that my life will continue changing for the better. this year i hope to get a better job, some more ink, be the best auntie i could be, fall in love (?), reconnect with old friends and get out of debt. i want to be more like diedre. i want to go back to school. i want to craft more and keep up my blog better. i want a lot of things. i want to continue to feel good about myself and get my life back to being mine and mine alone. i think i can accomplish these things. wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hey long time no post

so i have some f.o.s to finally post. i've been slacking hard core on the crafting. its hard to craft when i'm in such a funk. hopefully the new year will bring some good my way, i'm tired of life sucking so badly. anyhoo lets go.
first up: not so f o's. these are some bibs i've been making for my sisters baby. she is a confirmed she. alexis will be her name and i cannot wait to meet her. the plan is to finish these with a layer of something in the middle that won't absorb liquids too much and back them with some cute fabric. these are just tea towels that i cut into a bib shape (from k-mart) and some embroidery from sublime stitching.
sweets: breakfast:

next up: a hat i knit for mando. it came out ridiculously small. the skull is a candle holder that's about the same size as a 2 yr old's head. it was supposed to look like a water polo hat. his bro owns a water polo company and he wants to get some hats like this made to sell. i got this far and gave up. i'll try again someday soon. i based it off this pattern from knitty.

and finally the box bag made off of this tute. this is a quick and dirty one. i made it today. i used some of the leftover skeleton print from cheeks' halloween costume and some random red fabric i had lying around. i didn't use interfacing in it cuz i was just plain lazy so its kinda floppy and i left the handle off it for the same reason (and i think this will live in my purse). i plan on making some (better ones) for my mom and sis and putting their hand-made x-mass gifts in them. thats one good thing about not going home for x-mass, i have more time to make my gifts. all hand-made this year since the hospital decided to bill me for going in. what jerks, eh?

nothing like crafting alone on christmas! actually, it wasn't too bad. i cleaned and made myself breakfast and got some crafting done. it really was a productive day. i opened gifts over the phone with my mom and sis this morning and now i'm gonna go get all gussied up to see some pals over at the brewery! happy christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


so i haven't updated since nov 3rd or so. ok what has been happening? um... my pal gavin got a puppy who is pretty damn cute and will get a nice comfy hand-made doggy bed when he gets bigger. i spent thanksgiving with my lovely pal tiff and we cooked up a storm. it was more fun than it should have been. we hung out in our jammies all day stuffing our faces and doing laundry. later that night we went to brady's to see all our pals but i went home early because i was feeling achy in my throat. i thought it was just gonna be a cold but it ended up being much, much worse and later in the month i was admitted to the hospital for a day. my tonsils has swollen up so much that i couldn't eat or even swallow water. after the third day of choking down only a couple sips of tomato soup and chicken broth i drove myself to drs on duty to pay them $150 to tell me to go to the er. i spent the day in the er on morphine, ivs and antibiotics. my momma and grammie drove up from so.cal. to take care of me and stayed about a week. after taking a lot of antibiotics and a lot of pain killers i am back in shape. since then i have just been working, trying to make up for the week of work i lost and to pay for the dr bills. gav, sal, and i have been bowling on mondays and i really suck at it, i never break 80! and tuesday is neighborhood night at the brewery so i have been going there to meet up with pals. its nice to get out every now and agian! buddy came up for a week and we went to his company christmas party which was a lot of fun. we went bowling and partied like rockstars. ok, not really. but we did have a good time. other than that things have been pretty normal. i need to get on the crafting asap!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

comfort food

so since things have been pretty blegh around here i thought i might make some comfort food. its not the best meal i've ever made, and the two things don't really go well together but i'm happy and thats all that matters. so what did i make? tuna casserole and stuffing. i get my carbs (and plenty of 'em) that i won't be using since i'm prolly just gonna go to bed soon, and the cats got to eat some tuna, so everyone is happy! for the moment, at least

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

cheeks in his costume!!!

here are some pix of cheeks in his costume! his momma loves it and so do i!