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Thursday, January 10, 2008

happy anniversary

well there folks, today marks my two year anniversary with santa cruz. yup, two years! and i'm still in love. don't you love it when that happens? so far very few quarrels and no big fights, we are getting along just fine. i really don't think i will ever leave if i can help it. so, since i didn't blog about it last year here is a recap of my past two years in this lovely, lovely town.

year one (jan 10th 2006-jan 10th 2007):
jonathon and i moved up here to our little apt. in felton, leaving most of our things in capistrano beach until near the end of jan. it stormed pretty bad and we went without power a few times. i worked at erik's as a supervisor and then got a job at rosie mccann's as a hostess in may. jon transfered to peet's up here and worked as a shift lead. i quit erik's and moved up to busser at rosie's. we were broke most of the year and the year itself was pretty uneventful. only a few trips to orange county to visit family. i turned 22 and we went to vegas for a few days but other than that nothing exciting happened.

year two (jan 10th 2007-jan 10th 2008):
jan 10th i got my first tattoo to celebrate one year here. since then a lot has happened. i got moved up to server at rosie's, and jon became assistant manager at peet's. we started saving up and decided to get married and buy a house in new mexico so that we could think about starting a family and be near his mom and dad who sold their house this year and were planning to move back to new mexico themselves. my older sister, alicia, got married to her wonderful man, matt, and now i have a niece on the way (due feb or march!)! jon and i went with his family to new york, holland and belgium. shortly after returning jon and i broke up at the end of july. i turned 23 on july 8th. jon's mom's cancer came back and sadly we lost her on sept. 10th. jon moved out on halloween. i got super sick and ended up in the hospital for a day but i'm all better now. i got my blog. i lost 30 lbs (now none of my clothes fit!)! i made some really good pals, gavin, tiff and sal(bert). i've embraced being single and am big pimping. haha, not really. i reconnected with an old best friend and i feel like the past years of us not seeing each other never happened. my new roomie moved in on jan 1st, her name is jojo and she rocks, she has 2 cats so now we are the crazy cat women, and she cuts hair too! i met a cute guy and we are in the early stages of dating, but it looks like this one might actually go somewhere. the best part is that he is from san clemente! i cut bangs (again) but shorter and i think i might like them. um, i adopted phinneaus seamus goldberg-o'mally (aka phinneaus j. wickwackle) and he is the sweetest, most ass-holeish cat ever. this year has been the most up and down of any other year in my life. i have been the saddest i have ever been and the happiest i have ever been in this year alone. the worst and best things have happened in the last 365 days. my life has changed so much and so have i. with the help of my pals i have learned to be more comfortable with myself and i am happier than i ever have been with who i have become.

2008 has been promising so far. i think that this year will be better than the last and that my life will continue changing for the better. this year i hope to get a better job, some more ink, be the best auntie i could be, fall in love (?), reconnect with old friends and get out of debt. i want to be more like diedre. i want to go back to school. i want to craft more and keep up my blog better. i want a lot of things. i want to continue to feel good about myself and get my life back to being mine and mine alone. i think i can accomplish these things. wish me luck!

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