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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

hey long time no post

so i have some f.o.s to finally post. i've been slacking hard core on the crafting. its hard to craft when i'm in such a funk. hopefully the new year will bring some good my way, i'm tired of life sucking so badly. anyhoo lets go.
first up: not so f o's. these are some bibs i've been making for my sisters baby. she is a confirmed she. alexis will be her name and i cannot wait to meet her. the plan is to finish these with a layer of something in the middle that won't absorb liquids too much and back them with some cute fabric. these are just tea towels that i cut into a bib shape (from k-mart) and some embroidery from sublime stitching.
sweets: breakfast:

next up: a hat i knit for mando. it came out ridiculously small. the skull is a candle holder that's about the same size as a 2 yr old's head. it was supposed to look like a water polo hat. his bro owns a water polo company and he wants to get some hats like this made to sell. i got this far and gave up. i'll try again someday soon. i based it off this pattern from knitty.

and finally the box bag made off of this tute. this is a quick and dirty one. i made it today. i used some of the leftover skeleton print from cheeks' halloween costume and some random red fabric i had lying around. i didn't use interfacing in it cuz i was just plain lazy so its kinda floppy and i left the handle off it for the same reason (and i think this will live in my purse). i plan on making some (better ones) for my mom and sis and putting their hand-made x-mass gifts in them. thats one good thing about not going home for x-mass, i have more time to make my gifts. all hand-made this year since the hospital decided to bill me for going in. what jerks, eh?

nothing like crafting alone on christmas! actually, it wasn't too bad. i cleaned and made myself breakfast and got some crafting done. it really was a productive day. i opened gifts over the phone with my mom and sis this morning and now i'm gonna go get all gussied up to see some pals over at the brewery! happy christmas!

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