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Thursday, December 20, 2007


so i haven't updated since nov 3rd or so. ok what has been happening? um... my pal gavin got a puppy who is pretty damn cute and will get a nice comfy hand-made doggy bed when he gets bigger. i spent thanksgiving with my lovely pal tiff and we cooked up a storm. it was more fun than it should have been. we hung out in our jammies all day stuffing our faces and doing laundry. later that night we went to brady's to see all our pals but i went home early because i was feeling achy in my throat. i thought it was just gonna be a cold but it ended up being much, much worse and later in the month i was admitted to the hospital for a day. my tonsils has swollen up so much that i couldn't eat or even swallow water. after the third day of choking down only a couple sips of tomato soup and chicken broth i drove myself to drs on duty to pay them $150 to tell me to go to the er. i spent the day in the er on morphine, ivs and antibiotics. my momma and grammie drove up from so.cal. to take care of me and stayed about a week. after taking a lot of antibiotics and a lot of pain killers i am back in shape. since then i have just been working, trying to make up for the week of work i lost and to pay for the dr bills. gav, sal, and i have been bowling on mondays and i really suck at it, i never break 80! and tuesday is neighborhood night at the brewery so i have been going there to meet up with pals. its nice to get out every now and agian! buddy came up for a week and we went to his company christmas party which was a lot of fun. we went bowling and partied like rockstars. ok, not really. but we did have a good time. other than that things have been pretty normal. i need to get on the crafting asap!

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