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Friday, May 2, 2008


has it really been that long since i've posted? not that anyone reads this crap but still! i need to get better about this, if only for myself!
so i haven't been crafting too much lately, unless you include cooking. i've been cooking up a storm. in fact, i'm blogging while my first loaf of not-bread-machine-bread is in the oven rising. jo (the roomie) and i have been cooking for our pals once a week. last night was our first "truly" home made meal (usually at least one element of the meal is store bought, tortillas, pasta, things that are hard to make), i made pasta and pasta sauce (though the pasta didn't turn out well, imo) and jo made bread in the bread machine. damn, does that girl make good bread. for desert i made pudding cake, which was so good we all had seconds! what else have i been cooking, you ask? well, last week it was skewers at the beach with a few of our pals, and boy were they good! nothing better than spending the day at the beach and then bbqing and hanging out around a bonfire! the week before that was my lasagna style enchiladas and blueberries and biscuits for dessert. ____ berries and biscuits had become a favorite dessert around here as we can use whatever berries we find at the local organic grocer or farmers' markets. i have been making my own pasta sauce a lot lately, we usually have some sort of pasta dishes (one to make again: spinach, mushroom, chicken and ricotta stuffed shells!) and i make pizza crusts so we can use up the extra sauce. the pizzas are great for using up extra everything and they're nice to have waiting for those times we get hungry but don't want to wait or cook much.
well, there goes the timer on the bread, ready for more kneading! i promise to blog more (who am i promising? myself!) and craft more soon.

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