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Monday, January 19, 2009

i guess i suck at this blog thing

so its been another long ass time since i've posted. lets get caught up. since then:
i kicked out my deadbeat dirty hippie roommate for not paying rent or bills and letting her cats that she wasn't supposed to have in the apartment in the first place tear up my couches and piss on EVERYTHING
i moved into a badass studio..... but my landlord was crazy so i left
i moved into a 6 bedroom house with some turmoil but lets hope that's done now
i'm planning a trip to chicago next month
i am no longer working at any restaurant but instead i'm the office manager of an awesome tattoo and piercing shop with a great tattooer and the only person i would ever let poke holes in my body again.
i have gotten one new tattoo. we were bored, its cheesy flash style heart with my sister's name in it.
i have been involved in my first court case (and won!)
i have become a better cook and addicted to the tv show "good eats" with alton brown
i have fallen in love with michael c. hall (dexter, omg hes delicious) and i am waiting for the day he comes into the shop looking to get something tattooed or pierced and realizes that i am the girl of his dreams (even though he has a hot girlfriend)
i have met some awesome people and grown more comfortable in myself
my car died and so i had a bike. note "had" it got stolen out of my pals yard so i no longer have any mode of transportation other than my chevrolegs.
um i think thats it. i have some sewing in the works and hopefully i will actually start posting again!

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