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Saturday, July 21, 2007

one down, 85473 to go!

today i finished my reversible tote bag from this tute. i love how it came out.
most of the fabric i had in my stash, but the stuff i used for the straps i bought at the thrift store and it was too bright so i dyed it a little darker with some dark blue dye. i'm quite pleased with how it came out. i used snaps instead of the velcro for closing the pockets and i added some ribbon to tie the top closed in the middle. i used the contrasting fabric to make the pockets stand out a little more and i used black for the insides of the pockets. i think it looks kinda nautical so i'm considering making a stencil of a pirate ship or something pirate-y to put on the plain pockets. i messed up the straps so they twist a bit but i don't mind it all that much. this bag is really roomy and i don't quite know what i will use it for but i think it would be great as a beach or overnight bag. i'm sure i will find a use for it and i'm thinking of making another one for my sister for a diaper bag. now for some pics!

in knitting news, the bus has given me plenty of time to knit and i am almost done with the sock, but i have a friend coming to visit so i don't think i will get much knitting done. i got some yarn for one of the billion projects i'm going to start and i have so far only wound it into balls. i think i will wait to start on a new project until i finish another one. i am still waiting on the ebay yarn, the tracking number tells me that it is currently in customs (it's coming from japan) so i should have it soon, but i still don't know what i'm going to do with it.

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