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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


i really wanted to sew today, but i just cleaned the 2nd bedroom where our extra stuff is (including all my crafting stuff) and that room also has the futon where our visitors stay. my best friend is coming up tomorrow night to stay for the weekend so we can go to our other friend's 21st birthday party. i know that if i pull out my stuff to sew i won't clean it up until later and i don't want to leave the room a mess for when he gets here. instead, i did a little mini-crafting to hold me over until monday.
i had this little chick-egg thing left over from easter that was filled with candy and i needed a pin cushion for when i am sewing (i have the tomato one but my cats like to play with it so it stays in my desk holding all my pins). i think it turned out rather cute.

so that i feel like i have been doing SOMETHING here is some progress on the sock (my 1st sock, btw) i am knitting for my hunny. i wish he had smaller feet, this is taking forever. i guess now that my car broke down and i will be taking the bus home i will have plenty of time to knit! (the bus takes 45 minutes to get me where i could drive in less than 15, blegh)
the yarn is knitpicks superwash merino in bare. i dyed it with rit dye and it was supposed to be black and dark green. obviously it came out purple and not-so-dark green. i don't know if it was because the dye isn't good for yarn or i didn't use enough but i don't think i will be using rit anymore. i got the pattern online somewhere but the printed copy is floating around here somewhere and i am too lazy to find it so i will post it at a later date. i hope to get done with this sock soon so i can start the other one, and i am about an inch and a half to the heel. the pattern was daunting at first but now i have the rhythm and it is going so much more quickly.

EDIT: i lied. the pattern in the "toe up" socks from interweave knits.

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