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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the day of fouled up projects

i ordered yarn and it was supposed to get here today. the tracking thingy even says that it was in route to my house as of 6:32 am but it is not here! and the damn post office is right down the street from my house! i know it will be here tomorrow but i have today off and i was excited about getting started on this project.

i had started making a bag using this tutorial and i was planning on finishing it today (while waiting for my yarn) but i realized half way through that i ran out of fabric. there is some in the tub dying so it will match because i ran out of fabric of the right color. i went to the thrift store to look for something that will work but found nothing to match, though i did find some other findings and some fabric that was 1/2 off! on the way back home i "accidentally" passed by the 1/2 off table at the local fabric store (that is usually too expensive for my budget) and found some really cute fabric i decided to use as a backing for the baby blanket i will eventually make for my sister's baby. i also found a rack of 40% off fabric which was buy 3 yards get the 4th yard free, so i had to get some, and the lady was so glad to get rid of some of it that she threw in a couple extra yards for free!. i'm not sure what it will be, one is black and red, and one black and grey, so not so good for the baby but something cute for me! the third fabric is cream with black and red on it and would make a cute dress for a girl baby, if thats what she ends up having.

in other news, the guy who is supposed to look at my car was supposed to come over sunday but he never showed up and didn't call until 20:30. we rescheduled for today and he was supposed to be here around 15:00 but he still hasn't shown up and it is 20:10 already. i wonder if i am ever going to get my car fixed.

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