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Monday, September 10, 2007

crafting accomplished

well, some of it anyway. but no pictures to show for it. i have *finally* gotten the knitted puppy done. i'm quite proud, its just waiting for stuffing and then it will be done. it really should have been a faster knit but since i only knit a few rows at a time it took forever. and the other night since i got flaked on for a date (again, wtf? and by the same guy, he's lucky he's cute) i made a new skirt (from this tute), which i also have no pictures of. why? because it needs to be washed so that the fabric lays right. but its a cute wrap skirt in that cute white black and red fabric i bought and blogged about a while back, still enough left to make a cute baby dress, should i get blessed with a niece. i will post pix when things are stuffed/washed. oh and has anyone seen that show on mtv about that kid from san clemente? ryan something-or-other, the pro-skateboarder? yeah, i don't know who he is either. but keep your eyes peeled for dani, my little sis, since shes pals with him so she might end up on one of the episodes.

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