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Thursday, August 9, 2007

some crafting

so, the knitted puppy is slow going. i just can't focus on it right now for some reason, i can't really focus on much of anything actually. however, i forced myself to sit down and bust these out. i'm bringing home a new kitten on monday and wanted something both to make him feel cozy and to have a way to get him used to my other cats' scents. while i was whipping up his blanket the other 2 cats decided they were going to take it over, so i did what any good crafty pet owner would do, i made them some too. these are just the tops, i have to find something good for the back, and i don't think i will be putting any batting on the inside, they don't really need to so warm, as i suspect they will be laying on them,not under them. anyhoo, here we go:
first is luna's quilt. then, raven's (he looks so good against red)
and then, phinneaus'. these are 24''x24''. not all the squares line up but hey, they're not too bad considering i only spent a few hours on them, and most of that time was spent cutting out all the damn squares.